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Genetic Healthcare Group is in the forefront of Genetics Testing . Research results of modern medical science indicate that most diseases are determined by various factors and genetic constitution. Though the Human Genome Project has been successfully completed, work has been ongoing in exploring the next steps in the Human Genome. The completion of the human genome sequence, increases the knowledge of DNA sequence differences between individuals. This, together with the rapidly advancing technology for reading DNA sequences have further led to significant progress in identifying genes underlying common, genetically complex diseases ("susceptibility genes"). By January 2009, more than 500 new susceptibility genes for these diseases have been systematically mapped to the genome and, in many cases; the underlying genes have been identified.

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The human genome was discovered by renowned scientists in the middle of the last century and has now become the revolution to the world of healthcare and medical industry. The completion of the Human Genome (DNA) Project which was fully completed early this century was a joint effort between the United States, United Kingdom, China, Germany, France and Japan. Working towards the goal of providing a better and quality personalized lifestyle for everyone, Genetic Healthcare was being established with the support of renowned scientists from all over the world. Genetic Healthcare provides high accuracy Diseases Susceptibility Gene (DNA) Test with the use of State-of-the-Art technologies and applications.

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offers comprehensive DNA Mapping (Test) to determine your child's inborn talents, traits, and their natural abilities. The DNA Test for Child Innate Talent is 100% scientific that identifies the genes which reveals critical information about your Child's IQ, Emotional Controls, Focus, Memory, Athletic Abilities, and many more.

EVERY CHILD IS GIFTED !!! It is the combination of different strengths and weaknesses within their traits that decides the different talents of your child. It is also the different talents that decides their future prospects and careers.

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